Vision & Mission Statement


The Barbados Accreditation Council will be a World-Class, dynamic quality assurance agency for education and training.

Mission Tenents

The Barbados Accreditation Council will pursue its vision by:

  • Providing advisory, administrative, advocacy and quality assuring services that meet globally recognized standards for quality assurance and the expectations of our clients.
  • Cultivating an environment of highly dedicated and competent staff members who work as a team to create value for our clients and all the communities we serve.
  • Undertaking functions and such related activities that would ensure the efficient and effective discharge of our legal, regulatory and corporate responsibilities.
  • Building strong linkages with our sectoral partners to develop a culture of high quality post-secondary/tertiary education and training in Barbados and beyond.
  • Engaging in sound financial management, business and social responsibility practices to bring sustainable prosperity and benefits to government, directors, staff, social partners and the communities in which we serve.