Institutional Accreditation

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Section 1: Provider Information

Provider Details

Street Address:
Mailing Address (if different):
Facsimile Number:
Mobile Number:
Email Address:

Satellite sites (if any)

Facsimile Number:
Mobile Number:
Email address:

Contact Details

Name of Authorising Officer:
Contact Person (Name and Position/Title):
Facsimile Number:
Mobile Number:
Email address:

Section 2: Additional Information

Please answer the following questions

Date of establishment:
Date of enrolment of first students (if different from above):
Number of new enrolment in last calendar year:
List all the programmes/courses offered and the first date of enrolement
Course Title
1st date of Enrolment
Has the institution ever been accredited?
Has the institution ever had its accreditation denied?
Has the institution ever had its accreditation terminated?
List all the programmes which have been accredited.
Accrediting Body/Organisation
Date of Initial Accreditation
Date of Last Review
Current Status

Eligibiliy Requirements

Providers are required to submit a narrative outlining how they meet the Eligibility Requirements for Accreditation:

Certification of Application

The provider’s President/CEO/Director submits this application for accreditation and officially hereby attests to the following:
  1. This is a postsecondary/tertiary educational provider which (select as appropriate):
    1. Formally enrols students and maintains student records;
    2. Retains a qualified faculty (staff) to meet students’ needs;
    3. Transmits to students organised learning materials;
    4. Provides continuous two-way communication on student work, for example, evaluating students’ examinations, projects, and/or answering queries, discussion boards, email, with prompt feedback to given to students;
    5. Is registered with the BAC.
  2. The institution has had at least two continuous years of successful operation.
  3. There are no legal actions pending against the institution.
  4. No final action has been brought by the Council to revoke the registration/accreditation (delete as applicable) status of the institution.
  5. No final action has been brought by the Council to withdraw the registration/accredited (delete as applicable) status of the institution.
  6. No final action has been brought by the Council to terminate the registration/accredited (delete as applicable) status of the institution.
  7. The officials of the institution have reviewed the Accreditation Standards and supporting materials provided by the Council.
  8. The provider understands that, in applying for accreditation, it:
    1. submits itself to a review and decision by the Council with regard to its achievement of the Standards for Accreditation;
    2. must take the opportunity, as part of the evaluation process, to demonstrate how it meets the Standards for Accreditation;
    3. must be forthcoming, complete and accurate in presenting information to, and answering questions of, the Council and its evaluation team;
    4. may exercise the right to appeal a denial or withdraw from the accreditation process;
    5. accepts responsibility to comply with the Standards of Accreditation and fulfil all obligations as set out by the Council.
    6. accepts responsibility to meet all the relevant costs associated with accreditation process.
  9. The institution understands that, in submitting this application and supporting documentation, the accreditation process may include: surveys of and enquiries to relevant stakeholders, observation of lessons, interviews with staff, audit of learning/teaching resources, an on-site visit, evaluation of its programmes and any other means that the Council may deem necessary.

Fees and Other Charges

  1. A non-refundable application processing fee of BDS$10.00 is payable upon application for Institutional Accreditation.
  2. The correct amounts should be paid for the service required.
  3. Refer to Fees for Services booklet for other fees.


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