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Section 1: General Information

Operating/Trading Name:
Type of Provider:
Provider Registration Period:
Premises (proof to be attached):
Street Address:
Mailing Address (if different from above):
Other Delvery Sites (if applicable):
Email Address:
Authorising Officer:
Position/Job Title:
Email Address:
Contact Person:
Position/Job Title:
Email Address:

Section 2: Programme Details

General Information

Institutional Mission

What is the mission of the organisation/institution?
State the objectives of the new programme and describe how these objectives conform to the mission of the organisation/institution?

Purpose of Programme

What is the purpose of the programme?
How can this purpose be achieved?
What must learners know?
What must the learners be able to do?
What values are embodied in the purpose?

Programme Development

What types of community or professional input were utilised to develop the programme? Include copies of all minutes of meetings or other evidence pertinent to this application and list the names and qualifications of the persons who were present:

State the qualifications for the person(s) who:

Designed the curriculum:
Will supervise the programme:

Market Demand

Institutional Readiness

Indicate what is needed and available for the proposed programme at full operation including:

Existing and new courses needed to implement the programme:
Existing Components
New Components
Existing and new physical resources needed:
Existing Components
New Components
For example, classrooms, libraries, records, equipment, tools, clinical sites, etc.
Existing and new staff resources needed:
Existing Components
New Components
For example, teaching, support, administrative, etc.
Existing and new financial resources needed. Copies of financial statements required:
Existing Components
New Components
For example, Audited financial statements or financial statement prepared by a certified Accountant, Balance Sheet, Projected Cash Flow
Other (please state clearly):

Programme Measurement

Name of Final Award:
Proposed Start Date:
Day Programme Length:
Total Day Contact Hours:
Evening Programme Length:
Total Evening Contact Hours:
Credit Hours Awarded (if applicable):
Delivery Mode(s) Used:

Programme Description

What are the entrance/admission requirements or methods used to determine whether prospective students will be able to fulfil the programme requirements?
How do these requirements compare with requirements for existing programmes?

List all courses to be offered as a part of the new programme.

Core Requirements:
Course #/Code
Course Name
Lecture hours
Laboratory hours
Practicum hours
Total Contact hours
Total Credit hours
Mode of Delivery
General Education Courses/General Electives (if applicable):
Course #/Code
Course Name
Lecture hours
Laboratory hours
Practicum hours
Total Contact hours
Total Credit hours
Mode of Delivery
Electives (if applicable):
Course #/Code
Course Name
Lecture hours
Laboratory hours
Practicum hours
Total Contact hours
Total Credit hours
Mode of Delivery
Programme Summary:
Lecture hours
Laboratory hours
Practicum hours
Total Contact hours
Total Credit hours
Total Core Requirements
Total General Education
Total Electives
Overall Total
Credit hours awarded per course (if applicable):
Course Name
How many contact hours equal one lecture credit?
How many contact hours equal one laboratory credit?
How many contact hours equal one practicum credit?
Provide the following programme information:
  1. Copy of the letter of Programme Approval Committee/Sub Committee/Board approval or other authorising individual or group;
  2. Draft catalogue addendum including programme description;
  3. List of descriptions for each course, externship, and laboratory component in the programme, as applicable;
  4. Programme outline by quarter/trimester/semester;
  5. Graduation requirements;
  6. Classes of award (pass, fail, distinction, merit) if applicable;
  7. 2 copies of blank qualification (Award to be presented to student upon completion of the programme);
  8. Determination of learning objectives (e.g. standards);
  9. Teaching/Training Contingency Plan should the provider not be able to complete delivery of the programme; and
  10. Syllabus meeting the following elements:
    1. programme rationale/purpose;
    2. course titles, course descriptions, and appropriate prerequisites;
    3. learning outcomes;
    4. resources and materials requirements;
    5. teaching strategies;
    6. mode(s) of delivery of instruction;
    7. method of evaluation/student requirements;
    8. weekly course outline;
    9. total duration (e.g. total hours/weeks/months etc.);
    10. grading/assessment scheme;
    11. credit weighting;
    12. assessment criteria;
    13. list of formative and summative assessment activities.
NOTE: Syllabus for the proposed programme may be submitted on disk or CD using Microsoft Word.

Where there is a practicum component:

Identify potential practicum sites
Location (on/off site)
Company (if off site)
Attach a copy of the proposed practicum
Describe the responsibilities of the primary provider and/or responsibilities of the organisation facilitating the practicum.
Describe student responsibilities and method of supervision.
Describe any licensure or certification requirements for persons employed in this field.
Programme includes training conducted by a third party


List all courses which will be delivered through a non-traditional format. Attach separately if necessary.
All applications must include a current catalogue and as an addendum to the current catalogue, a draft catalogue that includes a description of the programme. Completed data sheets for all teaching staff in the programme must also be submitted.

Section 3: Transaction Plan

This section of the application form must be completed if the qualification to be awarded for the new programme is higher than the qualification awarded for any other programme offered by the provider in question. Applications will not be reviewed unless all areas of Part III are complete. Attach separately if necessary.

Educational Activities

Describe the changes made to the provider’s mission to ensure that the inclusion of the qualification demonstrates that its programmes, courses, and services are appropriate to its mission and t the provider’s specific goals and objectives.
How has the provider’s Strategic and/or Quality Assurance Plan been revised to address the new mission?
What evidence is available to document the need for programmes at the new qualification level?
How does the proposed curriculum benchmark against other providers offering the same award?

Teaching Staff

What is the provider’s plan to provide staff who are qualified to teach at the new qualification level?
What percentage of the existing staff is employed on an ongoing basis to ensure sound direction and continuity of the development of the programme?

(Master’s and Doctorate Degrees Only)

Has a committee been appointed to oversee the new graduate programme? If so, who are the committee members and what are their backgrounds and qualifications? What are the responsibilities of the committee?
Who will administer the programme? What are his/her qualifications and duties?

Learning and Instructional Resources

Who oversees the learning and instructional resources? Please state the qualifications of the individual(s).
Describe the provisions for access to learning resources where there is no library available on campus.
What are the scheduled library hours of operation? Will the opening hours meet the needs of the students in the new qualification level programme?
Describe the budget and procedures the provider has in place to ensure that relevant additions are made to the library holdings and other learning resources to ensure that necessary resources are available to support the programme.

Section 4: Declaration

I___________________________________ (authorising officer) in my capacity as ______________________________________________________ (Position in the organisation) hereby confirm that all the information provided in this “Application for Programme Approval” form” is a true reflection of ____________________________________ (Provider’s Name) legal and operational standing to meet the requirements for programme approval as stipulated by the Barbados Accreditation Council (BAC) and is supported by the leadership.

I confirm that the leadership has been advised of the Barbados Accreditation Council’s policies and procedures of relevance to the activities of the _______________________ (Provider’s Name) and that to the best of our knowledge these activities comply with relevant requirements therein.

I further declare that all the required information and evidence submitted with the application form is original and remains the intellectual property of this provider. Where copyright and/or intellectual property of another organisation or party has been utilised in the submission of this application, an agreement has been entered with the other party and a copy is or copies are herewith submitted to the BAC for record purposes.

______________________________(Provider’s Name) understands that, in submitting this application and supporting documentation, the programme approval process may include an on-site evaluation visit, request for additional information and any other means that the Council may deem necessary.

The ________________________________ (Provider’s Name) commits to adhere to all the stipulated requirements for programme approval of the BAC and certifies that all of the aforementioned information and supportive documentation are true and correct.

NB: Please note that only the person in authority within the organisation should check and sign this application form prior to submission

Section 5: Staff Data Sheet

Complete the following for each staff member involved in each new programme.

Name of Employee:
Date of Employment:
Job Title:
Employment Status:

Educational Information

Please list below all post-secondary/tertiary educational qualifications begining with the most recent.
Name of Institution
Date of Award
Dates Attended
List Major Subject(s):
List any educational certificate or license now held; name of issuing authority and expiration date:

Employment Information

Please list below all post-secondary/tertiary educational qualifications begining with the most recent.
Name of Employer
Job Title
Nature of Duties
Dates Employed

Section 6: Checklist

Name of Provider:
Name of Proposed Programme:
Is this application being submitted in response to a team visit?
Is this an application for the first new programme at this level?
Is this application a result of an existing programme revision totalling more than 25%?
Required Documentation:

Fees and Other Charges

  1. A non-refundable application processing fee of BDS$10.00 is payable upon application for Programme Approval.
  2. The correct amounts should be paid for the service required.
  3. Refer to Fees for Services booklet for other fees.


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