Registration for Training, Educational Providers

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Section 1: Governance and Mission

Organization Name:
Name of Authorising Officer:
Position Title:
Street Address:
Postal Address (if different from above):
Email Address:
Date of establishment:
Date first students were enrolled:
Date first students graduated:
Delvery Sites (Permanent):
Delvery Sites (Temporary):
Name of Board:
State position and qualifications of each member (if applicable)
Mission Statement:

Section 2: Admission Policies

State the requirements for admission of students and explain any exceptions from these requirements:

Enrolement and Output

Full-time enrolment:
Part-time enrolment:
Enrolment by programmes and gender:
Enrolment by year of study and gender:
Output over the last 3 years by programmes and gender (if applicable):
Current enrolment number:

Section 3: Educational Programmes

Title of Course:
Level of Course:
Type of Course:
For example, occupational training; for transfer to another programme; professional; general; etc.
Total weeks of course (including holiday weeks):
Total teaching weeks (excluding holiday weeks):
Average teaching hours per week:
Total study hours per week (if applicable):
Total tutorial hours (if applicable):
Total practicum/laboratory work/job attachment hours (if applicable):
Total credits (if applicable):
Name on Educational Records (if different from above):
Delivery methods:
Delivery mode:
Assessment methods:
For example, number of tests or examinations administered during the course, their frequency and value
Type of award:
For example, certificate

Nature of Training (indicate the training focus)

Proposed/target learners:
Anticipated number of teaching staff/facilitators:
Anticipated number of learners:
Name and address of Accreditation authority (where applicable):

Section 4: Staffing and Professional Development

Teaching Staff/Facilitators:
Qualifications with Conferring Institutions and date, e.g. B.Sc. (Natural Sciences), UWI, 1984
Course(s) currently teaching
Full-time or part-time
Total instruction load in hours per week
Administrative and Techinical Support Staff:
Qualifications and Institutions attended
Position title and Area of Work
Full-time or part-time
Details of other Staff:
Qualifications and Institutions attended
Position title and Area of Work
Full-time or part-time
Staff development policy:
State organisational policy and plan for staff develepment.

Section 5: Student Support Services

State the support services availble to students:

Section 6: Learning and Information Resources

List the learning resources available to students (quantify where possible):

Section 7: Finances

State your current fee structure:
State other sources of funding/revenue:
State your revenue and expenditure for the past 3 years (provide audited financial statements, where applicable):
Revenue ($)
Expenditure ($)
Budget projection for current financial year:
Projected ($)

Section 8: Physical Plant

State area occupied by institution:
Square meters
Rate each building on each of the following according to the scale indicated:
Exhisting Buildings
Buildings under Construction
General Adequacy
Fireproof Quality
Present State of Repair or Construction

Please provide the following:

Copy of Floor Plan
Medical Certificate of Compliance
Fire Certificate of Compliance
Environmental Protection Certificate of Compliance
For roaming providers2: Using the Checklist below, indicate the health and safety factors you consider when using or selecting a delivery site.
Rooms are clean, sanitary and in good condition for occupants
First Aid Kit is provided
Sick Bay is provided
Adequate drinking fountains
Adequate lighting and ventilation to ensure occupant comfort health and safety
Adequate toilet, hand-washing and drying facilities for instructors/trainers
Adequate toilet, hand-washing and drying facilities for learners, male and female
Proof of periodic inspection by health authorities
Any dedicated facilities for provision and consumption of food and drink meet statutory hygiene requirements
Clear, comprehensive, current and accurate internal and external signage, particularly emergency exit signs
Classrooms, laboratories, workshops and other specialized teaching areas provide adequate space for the numbers of learners required to use them and are equipped to a level consistent with the needs of the educational programme(s)
Educational provider’s Health and Safety policy ensures that statutory requirements are met
Health and safety rules and procedures are properly displayed and learners are fully briefed.
Roaming provider – any individual or organisation offering education and training courses with no fixed or set location from which training is delivered.

Section 9: Business/Strategic Plan


  1. the plan for your organisation. For example, annual plan, five year plan etc.
  2. the method of financing the plan.
  3. the evaluation process in place to address the training, physical and financial growth of your organisation.

Fees and Other Charges

  1. A non-refundable application processing fee of BDS$10.00 is payable upon application for Registration for Training Providers.
  2. The correct amounts should be paid for the service required.
  3. Refer to Fees for Services booklet for other fees.


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