Benefits of Accreditation


  • Highlights the capabilities/competencies of the institutions;
  • Assures recognition of qualifications and transferability locally, regionally and internationally;
  • Improves education/training and learning achievement as the quality of the institution’s provision is assured;
  • Provides assurance that an individual is getting value for money for time spent on a programme of study;
  • Facilitates the transfer of learner credits from one institution to another;
  • Provides recognition for entry into higher education, profession and business.


  • Provides national, regional and international recognition of quality, accountability, and public trust;
  • Verifies the quality of the educational provision to potential students, businesses and governments;
  • Facilitates access to support and services designed to continually improve the quality of education and training;
  • Lends prestige to the institution;
  • Highlights strengths and capabilities of the institution;
  • Aids with student recruitment efforts; and
  • Provides credibility by enhancing the image of the institution.


  • Assures the quality of human capital;
  • Assures the quality of qualifications and credentials presented;
  • Increases productivity and performance which may lead to increased profitability; and
  • Provides benchmarks against which educational provision can be measured against employment requirements.


  • Assures a highly skilled workforce, which should enhance international competitiveness;
  • Increases the global competitiveness of local institutions;
  • Provides assurance to taxpayers of the quality of educational provision; and
  • Assures government of positive returns on investment in the educational sector.