Application for the Certificate of Recognition of CARICOM Skills Qualification

Wage Earners Entitled To Move And Work Freely In The Community

  1. Graduates from all recognized universities in the world
  2. Artistes
  3. Musicians
  4. Sportspersons
  5. Media Persons
  6. Teachers
  7. Professional Nurses
  8. Artisans
  9. Holders of Associate Degrees or comparable qualifications
  10. Household Domestics

(For Managers, Technical and Supervisory staff attached to a company or self-e,ployed persons, eligibility to move is  governed by the Immigration Department and not by the BAC)

If any of the above wage earners wish to work in another Member State, he/she must first obtain a Certificate of Recognition of CARICOM Skills Qualification (CARICOM Skills Certificate) from the competent authority in either his/her home, host country or another CARICOM Member State.

Free Movement of Managerial, Supervisory and Technical Staff

Companies, other legal forms of businesses, organisations and self-employed persons have the right to bring in their managerial, supervisory and technical staff in order to further their business.  The right to free movement of these persons is linked to the company or other legal business organisations.  These categories cannot move on their own, unless they belong to one of the other eligible categories of wage earners. (Excerpt from CARICOM Single Market and Economy: Free Movement - Travel and Work, Caribbean Community Secretariat, 2005)