As the quality assurance body for  tertiary education and training in Barbados, the council establishes guidelines ,procedures and standards for institutions seeking accredited status for particular programmes. council's granting of accreditation status to an institution is an expression of confidence in the institution's mission and goals; the quality of faculty and students; the quality of academic programmes and the level and appropriateness of resources. The  primary consideration of council, in the decision to confirm or reaffirm accreditation, is the assurance of quality education by member institutions.

What is Accreditation?

  • Accreditation is a process in which a programme of study or institution is assessed for its standard and given official recognition. At the programme level, accreditation is concerned with the quality of a specific course or programme of study, while institutional accreditation is concerned with the evaluation of an entire institution.
  • The accreditation process is intended to strengthen and sustain the quality and integrity of educational provisions, making it worthy of public confidence.