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Functions and Powers

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The main functions of the BAC include:

  1. register local, regional and foreign-based institutions that offer educational courses in Barbados;
  2. maintain a record of all institutions that are registered and accredited by the Council pursuant to paragraph (a) and the
  3. accredit and re-accredit programmes of study and institutions operating in Barbados;
  4. provide for the validation of new educational courses and programmes of study being offered by institutions operating in Barbados;
  5. promote a programme of accreditation and registration;
  6. advise on the recognition of foreign-based institutions and their awards;
  7. enhance the quality of post-secondary and tertiary education and training in Barbados;
  8. provide to the public, information on the quality and recognition of programmes of study and institutions, including the annual publication of a list of accredited programmes and institutions in order to protect the interests of the public;

To exercise its functions, the BAC’s powers include:

  1. undertake assessments and evaluations of programmes of study and educational institutions on their own initiative or in co-operation with other bodies as may from time to time be considered necessary for the discharge of its functions;
  2. establish the requirements that institutions must satisfy in order to be registered with the Council, or have their programmes accredited, re-accredited by the Council.
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