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The free movement of skills/labour entails the right of a CARICOM National to seek work in all CARICOM Member States as either a wage earner or non-wage earner, without the need to obtain a work permit.

A CARICOM National is, according to Article 32.5:(A) of the Revised Treaty, a person who is regarded as a National of a Member State. This is the case if such person:

  • is a citizen of that State:
  • has a connection with that State of a kind which entitles him/her to be regarded as belonging to or, if it be so expressed, as being a native or resident of the State for the purpose of the laws thereof relating to immigration. 

Persons who are eligible for the Free Movement of Skills/Labour must be engaged in a legitimate economic activity in the CARICOM Single Market and Economy. There are currently no rights regarding free movement solely for the purposes of residency or permanent naturalization or citizenship. If a person just wishes to migrate from one CARICOM state to live in another, he/she must still apply for residency or citizenship, in accordance with the laws of that country. 

(Extracted from the publication “CARICOM Single Market and Economy Free Movement – Travel and Work”, Caribbean Community Secretariat, 2005)

Persons who qualify to move through the CARICOM Member States using the free movement of skills justification, fall under several categories. The link below highlights and explains those categories for eligible persons.

Guide: Understanding the CARICOM Skills Certification & Free Movement Process

Applicants must appear in person either to submit the documentation or to collect the Letter of Verification of the Certificate of Recognition.

 In the situation where an agent/individual is submitting on the behalf of the applicant, written correspondence must be submitted by the applicant which states that the documentation is being submitted on his/her behalf. The agent/individual is required to present some form of valid identification e.g. National Identification card, Driver’s License or Passport. An employer may submit an application on behalf of an employee, however the employee will be required to collect the Letter of Verification.

***E-commerce facilities will be available soon via the Council’s website to facilitate the submission of documentation and payment for Recognition Services.

Only those certificates issued by BAC will be reissued to nationals and non-nationals.

Barbadian nationals who need their Certificate replaced must:

  • Report the lost/stolen/misplaced Certificate of Recognition of CARICOM Skills Qualification to the Commissioner of Police and the Immigration Department, in the country where the certificate was lost, stolen or misplaced,
  • Submit an original (and copy to be certified) of the Police Report of the lost/stolen/misplaced Certificate, and 
  • Pay BDS$100 for the new Certificate.

The issuance of Certificates may vary according to the originating territory.

  • Issuance of the Certificate by the BAC – A minimum of 7 working days
  • Verification of the Certificate of Recognition issued by other CARICOM Member States – A minimum of 10 working days

Please do not wait until you are offered a job opportunity to apply for the Certificate.

Be Proactive! Apply Now!

General Documentation required for Certificate of Recognition of CARICOM Skills Qualification


  1.  Application form (completed, legible, signed by a Justice of Peace and with official stamp/seal of the Justice-of-the-Peace)
  2. Birth Certificate
  3. Proof of status as a CARICOM national
  4. Marriage Certificate (where applicable)
  5. Qualification (undergrad/post-graduate/professional)
  6. Two (2) Professional reference letters (as on attached application form)
  7. Proof of registration with professional agency (where applicable)
  8. Letter(s) from respective National Federation or Ministry (Artistes, Media persons, Musicians, Sports persons)
  9. Letter(s) from previous employers (Artistes, Media persons, Musicians, Sports persons)
  10. Letter from General Nursing Council of a CARICOM Member State (Registered Nurse)
  11. Passport (copy of biodata page & date of issue)
  12. Two (2) passport size photos (applicant’s name in block letters at back)
  13. $100 application fee (per application)

Please see the application form here.

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