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The Barbados Accreditation Council (BAC) continues to strive towards a dynamic execution of its quality assurance services, excellent customer service delivery and highly effective and efficient operations.

In order to be successful, we must use our resources wisely, directing effort towards those areas that are most likely to have a positive impact on our image. While there are many areas that need attention, we need to focus our time and resources on the greatest mission-critical issues. This, however, will not be at the expense of the less critical issues, which of necessity will receive less attention.

As part of our consultative process, we have reviewed the actions the BAC needs to take in order to achieve its stated goals, and have identified a number of critical elements for attention. These will be the main focus of the BAC’s time and resources over the next five years to help propel the organization to achieve its Vision and Mission Tenets.

Critical Elements

  • Championing Quality Assurance and Quality Enhancement
  • Leading Research and Knowledge Management
  • Enhancing Public Relations and Corporate Image
  • Achieving Through People
  • Pursuing Institutional Reform and Strengthening
  • Leveraging Technology/Gaining Efficiencies
  • Strengthening Corporate Governance and Finance
  • Developing a Collective Leadership Culture
  • Strengthening Stakeholder Relationship
  • Talent Management and Workforce Development
  • Ensuring Workplace Safety, Health and Security
  • Performance Management and Accountability

As many of these elements inform and impact on each other, we have consolidated them into four (4) Strategic Priorities, which will guide us in our decisions regarding the things we will start doing, the things we will do even better than before, and indeed, the things we will stop doing. As we move ahead we will not compromise on our Core Values.

The following describe in detail the programmes and/or initiatives that will be pursued under each of the four Strategic Priorities:

Championing Quality Assurance, Quality Enhancement and Improved Stakeholder Relationships

  • Provide vanguard leadership for the development of a National Qualifications and Credit Framework and accompanying National Qualifications Register
  •   Continuously improve overall quality assurance and quality enhancement systems
  •   Build our capability in credibility management
  •   Establish systems to clearly identify our clients’ needs
  •   Develop systems to respond to various client needs
  •   Build capacity in producing information and creating knowledge
  •   Develop Marketing and Communication Plans
  •   Establish educational and information-sharing fora
  •   Strengthen our corporate communication capability
  •   Engage in sponsoring enrichment programmes for specific target groups
  •   Create linkages with professional groups and suppliers
  •   Enhance our reputation as a community-minded organization

Achieving Through People

  • Build our Human Resource and Talent Management capability
  •   Develop a Learning Organisation
  •   Promote a culture that emphasizes leadership, embraces change, high performance, job satisfaction and teamwork
  •   Enhance Workplace Safety, Health and Security

Pursuing Institutional Reform and Strengthening

  • Assess capability of resources in relation to the organizational needs
  •   Engage in process re-engineering
  •   Design and institute continuous improvement mechanisms to deal with problem-solving, conflict resolution interactive communication, quality assurance and participative management
  •   Develop and upgrade systems that support all aspects of our business
  •   Improve and enhance our web-based services
  •   Further develop and maintain the integration of our information and communication technology (ICT) systems
  •   Improve coordination, communication and guardianship of internal systems, policies, processes and procedures

Strengthening Corporate Governance and Finance

  • Institute cost-saving and/or revenue-generating initiatives within the organization
  •   Establish protocols that focus on operational excellence, internal controls and accountability
  •   Ensure compliance with international, regional and local statutory/regulatory requirements and standards