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General Documentation required for Certificate of Recognition of CARICOM Skills Qualification


  1. Application form (completed, legible, signed by a Justice of Peace and with official stamp/seal of the Justice-of-the-Peace)
  2. Birth Certificate
  3. Proof of status as a CARICOM national
  4. Marriage Certificate (where applicable)
  5. Qualification (undergrad/post-graduate/professional)
  6. Two (2) Professional reference letters (as on attached application form)
  7. Proof of registration with professional agency (where applicable)
  8. Letter(s) from respective National Federation or Ministry (Artistes, Media persons, Musicians, Sports persons)
  9. Letter(s) from previous employers (Artistes, Media persons, Musicians, Sports persons)
  10. Letter from General Nursing Council of a CARICOM Member State (Registered Nurse)
  11. Passport (copy of biodata page & date of issue)
  12. Two (2) passport size photos (applicant’s name in block letters at back)
  13. $100 application fee (per application)

To download application form, click here.
N.B. When printing the application form, ensure that the complete application form has been printed, including the date at the bottom of the form. It is recommended to print the form on A4 paper.

To download our Guidelines Booklet, click here.

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