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Quality Statements

Quality Statements

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Quality for the BAC is the provision of effective and efficient services that are:

  • geared towards the enhancement of post-secondary/tertiary education and training;
  • fit for purpose, add value and exceed stakeholders’ expectations; and
  • benchmarked against regional and international standards.

Quality for the BAC is guided by:

  • a developmental approach;
  • accountability to stakeholders;
  • integrity of practise;
  • excellence in service; and
  • a commitment to national and regional development.

Quality for the BAC is demonstrated by:

  • demand for non-mandatory services by its clients;
  • respect of peers through mutual recognition;
  • positive feedback from internal and external stakeholders; and
  • efficiency, effectiveness and responsiveness.

The BAC perceives quality in institutions as:

  • effective governance;
  • clearly stated and appropriate mission;
  • efficient and effective administration;
  • qualified, competent and engaged faculty and staff;
  • timely and customer-friendly services;
  • relevant, current, well-documented and appropriately assessed programmes;
  • established, documented, functional and well-managed quality assurance system;
  • responsiveness to change;
  • system for formative and summative evaluation and reform;
  • a culture which embraces integrity and ethical conduct;
  • prudent financial management;
  • effective and diversified learning and teaching experiences;
  • adequate and appropriate student services and support; and
    committed and motivated students.
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