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Recognition is the formal acknowledgement by a competent authority of the appropriateness of a local and foreign-based qualification to access education and/or employment in the receiving country.

The Barbados Accreditation Council Act, 2004-11 stipulates that the Barbados Accreditation Council is responsible to “advise on the recognition of foreign based institutions and their awards.” In this role, the Council:

  1. provides authoritative and accurate information about local and foreign-based post-secondary or tertiary education, educational providers and programmes of study; and
  2. gives advice or information about recognition matters and equivalency of qualifications locally.

Who is recognition used for and when is it used?

  1. Recognition of programmes of study and qualifications attained overseas by Barbadian citizens;
  2. Recognition of qualifications attained by non-nationals;
  3. Recognition of programmes of study and qualifications offered by foreign-based institutions operating in Barbados; and
  4. Recognition of programmes of study pursued by nationals and non-nationals overseas.

To determine if an institution and/or programme is recognized, click here

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