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Registration signals that a provider is able to operate legally within Barbados.

The goal of registration is to certify that a provider meets the requirements established by the Council to offer post-secondary/ tertiary education and/or training programmes of study or courses in Barbados.

How To Become Registered?

To become registered, the provider must meet the requirements established by the Council and pay the requisite fees. Once a provider is registered, it may then apply for accreditation of the institution and/or programme(s) of study or courses. Registration shall be for a period of one (1) calendar year (January to December) after which the provider must re-apply to maintain its status. Registered providers are required to apply for re-registration at least two (2) months before the registration period expires and pay the requisite registration fee.

For full information on how to become a registered provider, view the information highlighted below.

Methods of Payment

Payment of the requisite application fee is due upon notification of registration approval.

The following payment methods apply:

  • cash;
  • company cheque;
  • bank draft;
  • certified cheque;
  • debit card; or
  • credit card.

Registration Application Costs

The application fee for registration is based on enrolment numbers and is shown below:

Local/CSM (CARICOM Single Market)

  • less than 100 students – $125.00
  • 100-499 students – $250.00
  • 500-599 students – $375.00
  • 1,000-2,499 students – $500.00
  • 2,500-3,999 students – $750.00
  • 4,000 and over students – $1,000.00

Foreign/non-CSM and Transnational

  • Cost is $3,000.00

For the full guidelines of the registration process, click below:

Full Guidelines

For summarized guidelines of the registration process, click below:

Summarized Guidelines

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