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Programme Approval

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Programme approval is a quality assurance process which ensures that a programme is: 

  1. Appropriately designed and structured
  2. Adequately resourced
  3. Consistent with the provider’s mission
  4. Has stated learning outcomes and assessment strategies that are set at an appropriate level for the qualification awarded.

During the programme approval process, all facets of an education and/or training programme are evaluated except actual outcomes such as learner performance, feedback from learners, staff, and employers of graduates.

Benefits of Programme Approval


Programme approval offers many benefits to providers, including:

  • Assurance that programmes meet specific standards;
  • Transferability of qualifications from one provider to another;
  • National and international recognition of programmes;
  • Use of the BAC’s stamp of approval for the duration of the approval for placement on the programme and marketing materials;
  • Listed on BAC’s website together with links to the provider’s website; and
  • Recognition in the BAC’s BAClight newsletter which is published bi-annually and distributed extensively, by post and electronic means, locally, regionally and extra-regionally.

See Programme Guidelines

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