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Core Values of the Barbados Accreditation Council

LeadershipHaving the courage to act on our convictions; aligning actions with a shared vision; fostering collaboration, building trust and facilitating meaningful relationships among stakeholders; seizing initiatives and looking outward for innovative ways to improve; taking personal responsibility for our actions and accounting for the results of our performance; providing examples for our colleagues to emulate.
IntegrityKeeping our word; standing up for what is right; honouring our commitment to our stakeholders; treating all individuals with courtesy and dignity; maintaining confidentiality; embracing and impressing on our stakeholders the principles of fairness, honesty, objectivity and transparency in our business practices.
QualityDemonstrating a commitment to high standards of performance that will sustain and advance service excellence, efficiency, reliability, competence and continuous improvement in our day-to-day operations; being forward thinking and proactive in responding to trends and changes that will affect our internal and/or external environment.
ProfessionalismStriving to satisfy individual needs while maintaining the highest standards of performance and ethical behaviour; keeping up-to-date with the latest ideas, trends and developments in one’s profession; demonstrating a willingness and ability to listen to and appreciate the worth of each individual’s perspective and personality; practising self-control and adherence to approved policies and  procedures, acceptable behaviour and orderliness.
TeamworkValuing the contribution of each individual with whom you work; building highly effective relationships with other people to achieve a common purpose or goal; participating in activities to ensure the success of a project, work unit, functional area/department and ultimately the organization.
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