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BAC Re-commences NQF Discussions

The Barbados Accreditation Council met with stakeholders to re-visit the development and implementation of Barbados’ National Qualifications Framework, known as the Barbados Qualifications and Credit Framework. The BQCF is a multilevel qualifications mechanism that recognizes people’s skills and qualifications, irrespective of how and where they were acquired. It also represents all levels of post-primary education and training in Barbados. It aims to provide standardization across the education and training system allowing for more significant movement, both vertically and horizontally. Institutions will therefore determine the weight of their qualification offered, as well as persons experiencing a greater ease when furthering and advancing their education. The Framework has its origins in the Barbados Human Resource Development Strategy, 2011-2016 which, among other objectives, sought to address the lack of consistency in the comparability of qualifications and the many challenges, this posed for employers, parents, and learners.

The Council is now refocusing its efforts with regard to the development of the BQCF which was approved by the Cabinet of Barbados in January 2018. This stakeholder meeting was held at the BAC’s Manor Lodge office and included representatives from various higher education institutions including the UWI Cave Hill Campus, UWI Open Campus, Barbados Community College (BCC), Samuel Jackman Prescod Institute of Technology (SJPI),  Barbados Institute of Management and Productivity (BIMAP) and more. Several other stakeholder officials were also in attendance such as the Deputy Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Education, Technological & Vocational Training and Registrar and CEO of Caribbean Examination Council (CXC) among others. Executive Director Mrs. Lisa Gale said “this forum is the first in a series aimed to re-engage all stakeholders before release to the Barbadian public”. She highlighted that “in the Council’s Strategic Plan 2022-2027, the continuation of work towards the finalisation of the BQCF is underscored as one of our main priorities.’

The Barbados Accreditation Council is the sole body responsible for quality assurance and quality enhancement in post-secondary/tertiary education and training providers in Barbados.

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