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Criteria for External Evaluators

Eligibility Requirements

Through its eligibility process, the Council determines whether an educational provider is ready for an external evaluation visit. The process does not determine that an applying provider will receive either candidacy or accredited status, instead it enables the Council and the provider to determine the appropriate time for moving toward the processes through which decisions on candidacy or accredited status can be made.

Eligibility Criteria

The eligibility criteria include:

  1. The provider must be based in Barbados;
  2. The provider must be registered with the Council;
  3. The provider must have a certificate of incorporation to operate in Barbados;
  4. Evidence that its governing body/board approves the application for accreditation;
  5. A prospectus or list of programmes must be available to current and prospective students; and
  6. It has a financial base to support its mission. Appropriate documentation may include an audit, a letter of reference from a bank, or other financial documents that vouch for its solvency and capacity.

Providers seeking candidacy or accredited status will:

  1. Publish and make available to students and the wider public a statement of mission approved by its governing body/board defining clearly the nature and purpose of the learning provided and the student for whom it is intended.
  2. Have students enrolled in its programmes before achieving candidacy or have graduated students from its programmes before achieving accreditation.
  3. Document governance and administrative structures that legally enable the provider to protect its institutional and educational integrity.
  4. Document that it has core values and strategic priorities that assure that its graduates will be capable of contributing to the community.
  5. Demonstrate that it has engaged qualified and experienced staff to assure that there is an effective curriculum and instruction.
  6. Demonstrate the ownership of responsibility for assuring access to the learning resources and support services necessary to facilitate the learning expected of its students.
  7. Provide documentation of existing and future financial capacity.
  8. Provide students with electronic or printed documents that outline the educational programme requirements, appropriate length of time, content, and required learning outcomes for the credential/qualification awarded.
  9. Document that it presents itself to the public, prospective and enrolled students fairly and accurately.
  10. Publish electronically or in print up-to-date information about the costs, refunds process, financial assistance, and the accredited status of the provider and its programmes.
  11. Document that it provides its students, administrators, faculty/instructors, and staff with the policies and procedures advising of their rights and responsibilities within the organisation.
  12. Present evidence of ongoing planning that includes a realistic action plan for achieving accreditation with the Council within an agreed period of time.

Foreign-Based Providers
In addition to the eligibility criteria, foreign-based providers will be required to:

  1. Have established local educational sites; or
  2. Offer educational provision in whole or in part collaboratively within Barbados; and
  3. Ensure that the programme being delivered collaboratively is accredited or recognised by a competent authority in its home country.
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