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Strategic Visioning Has Commenced

The Board of Directors, staff and selected stakeholders of the Barbados Accreditation Council embarked on a two-day strategic visioning retreat, with the aim of charting the way forward.

 Dr Hensley Sobers of Sobers Integrative Management Services (SIMS) was the main facilitator for the Strategic Visioning Retreat on October 6-7 which resulted in the Barbados Accreditation Council visioning, collaborating, learning and setting clear actions for moving forward to meet the demands of a growing education and training sector.  On the first day, selected tertiary educational providers and other key stakeholders were invited to provide feedback into this strategic visioning exercise. Amongst other objectives, this important forum sought to reach a collective commitment by the Council to promote and strengthen its quality assurance process and enhance its corporate image.

Sobers Interactive Management Services (SIMS) will also undertake the development of the Council’s Strategic Plan.

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