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Quality Checks for Student Records

by Quality Assurance Officer

Whether you are a small or large provider, there are a few quality checks which should be performed to assure the accuracy of your student records. The following steps would make retrieval easier in the future and reduce time and anxiety.

Before the list of graduands is drafted ensure that all programme requirements have been met. If there have been programme changes between the period of enrolment and graduation, ascertain that all of the programme requirements in place at the time of enrolment have been met.

This next step may seem like a no-brainer however, it cannot be stressed enough. Check that the spelling of first, middle, and surnames is accurate and consistent on all official documents and records. If there was a change of name, retain a record of the original name as well as the current name. The spelling of all names on the award should be accurate. Student Identification Numbers, gender, and dates of birth should be recorded accurately.

Official transcripts should accurately record the period of enrolment, biographic data, courses, scores, credits earned, GPA’s, and the name and class of the award. This information is crucial since it is your official student record which would be made available to other institutions and agencies upon request.

Finally, retain both electronic and hard copies of the students’ handbook as well as programme requirements and course outlines for each graduating class and advise graduating classes to do the same. 

If the afore-mentioned steps are taken they would promote the speedy retrieval of records, facilitate coursework evaluation and the transfer of credit, as well as improve the efficiency of the institution.

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